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Culture and History

The Bulgarian lands are an ancient crossroad. They remember many ancient civilisations and great peoples, which wrote the papers of its turbulent history: the first manmade gold treasure in the world from the 5th millenium BC; the Thracians bequeathed us the magnificent tombs near Kazanlak and Sveshtari, stone temples and legends, the exquisite gold treasures from Panagyurishte and Rogozen; the Ancient Greeks built the beautiful coastal towns of Apollonia, Anhialo and Messembria and the Romans - the ancient towns Aescus, Nikopolis ad Istrum and Nove. Huns, Goths and Avars later passed through our lands. Around the mid-7thy century the Slavs came from the North across the Danube and settled these lands. The Bulgarians of Khan Asparouh followed them… In fact, there were only three estates in Europe in 681: the Western Roman Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) and Bulgaria! Every step throughout lands is a step through history and culture of the centuries.

Not only the lands, but the Bulgarians themselves seem to breathe with the traditions. Music, dance and the numerous festivals and holidays are still an integral part of the everyday life in Bulgaria. And while the cities beckon the visitor with their opera, classical concerts and various cultural events, folklore is still very much alive in the country.

Whether it is one of the renowned folklore festivals or simply the atmosphere in the local restaurants and taverns - you could enjoy and celebrate the traditions with us.