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Geographic Details

Lying at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Bulgaria possesses an amazing variety of natural forms. The Balkan Range (part of the Alpine-Himalayan massif, the longest range on the Balkans) stretches majestically from the western border with Yugoslavia to the Black sea. To the north of it, there is the fertile Danubean plain, to the south - the fragrant Valley of roses, the Thracian plain and more mountains-Rila, Pirin, Rhodopes, Vitosha, Sredna Gora. The Black Sea coast is lined with some of Europe's finest beaches, coastal lakes, spectacular cliffs and bays.

Scattered across the country there are numerous natural phenomena - mountain passes and gorges, rock pyramids and bizarre rock formations, caves and waterfalls, beautiful secluded lakes. A trip to each of these wonders can draw you closer to nature.

Bulgaria has gathered an amazing diversity of flora and fauna on its small territory. The facts and figures are truly impressive and speak for themselves:

  • 35 % of Bulgaria is covered with forests;
  • the UNESCO-protected Pirin National Park boasts about 1100 species of flora;
  • the UNESCO-protected Pirin National Park boasts about 1100 species of flora;
  • the Vrachanski Balkan National Park is home to 700 species of trees;
  • Bulgaria is a home to about 75 % of all birds species found in Europe;
  • Wildlife animals (including bears, deer, wild goats) thrive in Rila, Pirin, Stranja, Russenski Lom National Parks;
  • Bulgaria has among the largest bear population in Europe.