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About us

SunShineTours (SST) is one of the first private tour operator companies in Bulgaria, specialised in tailor-made programmes, designed around unique features of each destination. It was established in 1990 by two experienced partners in the Travel and Tourism Industry.

SST offers a variety of tours and programmes to different types of groups and FIT's, following professional, educational or hobby interests in culture, nature, history, art, sports. We also have a long record of organizing international events: seminars, cultural missions and business meetings.

Our commitment is to meet and exceed your travel needs and aspirations with efficiency, professionalism and courtesy. We treat our clients with utmost care and give them more than what is advertised and expected.

Our team is carefully selected and professionally trained. We communicate our knowledge of place and subject to with enthusiasm and passion; pay attention to details and do not leave anything from the organization of a group to chance.