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" Bulgaria is a wonderful country filled with the warmest people you could ever hope to meet."

Pat Walker, American Journalist

" Thank you so much for your kindness during my staying in Bulgaria. Though it was such a sudden request, you beautifully arranged everything for me. I appreciate you so much that you treated me so carefully. I have never imagined I could enjoy the trip to your country so much. All people who took care of me were so nice, so kind and had lots of knowedges that I was able to know your history, tradition, religion, way of life so on very well, and got very good impressions."

Setsuko Suzuki, Japan, Radio journalist

" I don't believe that I would have the same feelings about Bulgaria if it hadn't been for you at SunShineTours. Your love of Bulgaria is so sincere, so real, that we all came to share it. You have good material to work with - a magnificent country - but the way that you showed it to us made all the difference in the world. SunShineTours puts on a spectacular show with a very human face."

Lauren, USA

" Over a number of years, we have traveled on similar packages in many countries world-wide but none have bettered the friendliness and efficiency we received from SunShineTours. "

Peter & Shirley Smith, UK

" As you know I have traveled quite extensively but I can't remember a time where I have been so well looked after and met such friendly people (from SunShineTours and the locals)."

Mike Ward, Explore, UK

" Throughout the trip I was greatly impressed by your country, your people and your organisation's enthusiasm for supporting our group. There are not enough words for me to express how I feel about my holiday in Bulgaria, and I look forward to meeting you and your team again in friendship, in the future."

David Vicary, Banker, UK

" I would like to thank you and your staff for making our holiday in Bulgaria so memorable. We certainly got a feel for the country, for we felt so much off any normal tourist trail. The contrasts between various locations was marked, and the various extras did bring us into a close contact with the locals. What an experience! Thank you for your friendship and your attention."

Alan Ryder, England