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Cultural Heritage Tours

Bulgarian lands have known many civilisations. We are proud to lead our clients along the remains and cultural heritage of these civilisations.

Our lands keep the oldest manmade golden treasure of the world - 5th millennium BC. In our museums you can admire the exquisite Thracian treasures. You can walk in the Thracian lands, enter well-restored Thracian tombs. Later Alexander the Great, the Romans and the Byzantines left their traces around the country. Remains from the Medieval Bulgarian State and the Ottoman invasion were laid over the ancient ones.

Our professional guides can lead you through this maze of the centuries and show the periods and the civilisations that you are interested in.

Our Monastery tours will guide you through the peaceful and harmonious world of the Bulgarian monasteries - the stronghold of the Bulgarian identity. We will let you see some of the masterpieces of the Bulgarian culture. Just to name a few of the more than 200 hundreds monasteries in Bulgaria: Rila Monastery, Rozhen Monastery, Bachkovo Monastery, Transfiguration Monastery. Each of them has magnificent architecture, unfading frescoes and murals, exquisite icons and fine woodcarvings. Our specialists will guide you through the little known territory of the Orthodox art and will help you see its beauty.

The beauty of the Bulgarian traditions is still alive in the numerous museum towns where you can breathe in the air of the past centuries. We will meet you with local families so you can feel the home atmosphere and the real people of Bulgaria, famous for their hospitality and warmness.