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Nature tours, Eco tours, Ski

It is impossible to get bored with the Bulgarian scenery! Bulgaria - a land with an enviable landscape. There are 16 mountains with own characteristic appearance and fascination - the Balkan Range is the largest range of the Balkans; Rhodopes is a green sea trees; Rila and Pirin have majestic bare rocky peaks, steep forested valleys and glacial lakes; Vitosha - a quick escape to relaxing and beautiful nature from the hustle and bustle of Sofia. Bulgarian nature is rich in flora and fauna, mineral springs, healthy climate, golden beaches along the Black Sea coast, fragrant rose valleys and fertile plains, thrilling caves. We will have the opportunity to see some of the unspoiled parts of European nature - Bulgarian National Nature parks.

Bulgaria is a country of four seasons - you can enjoy all of them with us.

  • We can take a walk in the Spring when the storks are flying home and the cherry trees blossom.
  • Catch some tan in the Summer sun or escape in the cool mountain around the crystal lakes.
  • Enjoy the fruits of the Autumn land and watch all the tints of the forests in the last warm days.
  • Come to us in Winter when the snow has covered the mountains and the kingdom of skiers has come.