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Spa Coast

Bulgaria abounds in mineral water springs - more than 500 in 240 places around the country. The chemical composition of the springs is widely varied - practically every known type of mineral water could be found in Bulgaria.

Since Roman times, mineral water is celebrated for its healing and relaxing power. Roman and Byzantine emperors built settlements, baths and aesclepia next to mineral water springs. Ancient Augusta (modern-day Hissar), Pautalia (Kyustendil), Serdika (Sofia), Dessudava (Sandanski), Thermopolis (Burgas), Anchialo (Pomorie) have survived over the millenniums, and still thousands of people find cure from their healing waters. In profusion and variety of therapeutic factors, Bulgaria is among the top countries in Europe providing best conditions for effective hydrotherapy, mud treatment, climatic treatment and thalassotherapy. The spa centers are recommended for endocrine, locomotory and metabolic disturbances, chronic non-specific lung conditions, cardiovascular, occupational and respiratory deceases.

We can show you opportunities to get healthier and fitter, to be toned, pampered and beautified, to overcome a particular health problem or emotional trauma, or simply to unwind and enjoy. We will offer you a programme depending on your needs, your taste and your budget.

The exclusive combination of healing waters, medicinal herbs, pure nature surroundings, crystal air, spa centers furnished with modern equipment and staffed with highly qualified professionals, makes worth each of our spa programmes.