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Wine, Dine, Folklore

Bulgarian national cuisine has grown out of a wealth of culinary traditions. It has matched local and foreign food combinations in a way which has made it uniquely Bulgarian. Once you taste it, it will be very difficult to overcome its temptation.

Each trip with us will show you the best of Bulgarian cuisine. We do not bore our tourists with dishes that they usually encounter in restaurants around the world. The Bulgarian cuisine abounds with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits; juicy meat, grilled or served with piquant sauces; mouth-watering vegetarian dishes, simmered slowly on low heat; fruit and cheese pies; the famous Bulgarian yogurt. They are healthy and delicious. We will take care that each day is a new gourmet experience.

If you are a wine lover, we invite you to our wine tours around Bulgaria - a county with more than 130 wineries in five major wine growing regions. To Thracians who lived on these lands wine was a sacred drink, which inspired the divine nature in humans. Fragrant and aromatic, it was known and appreciated all over the ancient world.

The traditions are still preserved and now our red wines, using the classic Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, challenge the classic names of France. Quality whites, especially the Chardonnays, are a match for many wines with a French, Californian or Australian label. There are the quality wines made from local varieties such as Mavrud, Gamza, Dimiat and Melnik, the latter for many years a favourite of Sir Winston Churchill.

Our tours are made with the professional advice of our director Mr. Blagovest Lefterov who is at the Executive board of the Bulgarian Sommelier Association. We will show you how Bulgarians produced wine at their old houses over the centuries and how they produce it today in the fine new wine cellars. We can have professional wine-tasting event of the finest wines of Bulgaria. We wish that each sip of this wine will give you health and beauty and makes you proud heirs of ancient history.

Melodious tunes and beautiful voices, fiery dances and brightly coloured costumes - Bulgarian folklore has to be seen, felt and experienced. Lovers of the traditions and the rich Bulgarian folklore ourselves, we will lead you to the world of the mysterious Bulgarian voices, to the unique traditions that are still alive in our country.

You could participate in the unique Rose festival. The setting for this unique festival is an astonishing valley blanketed by rose fields from the end of May to the beginning of June. The Rose valley produces 70 % of the world's rose oil. In the beginning of June the rose pickers, dressed in colourful national costumes come to praise the rose with songs and dances. You could celebrate with them and enjoy the atmosphere.